What’s Your Favorite Color?

so many colors Do you remember when that was a go to “getting to know you” question in grade school? Well, children may know more than we give them credit for. Color preferences can still tell us a lot about ourselves and each other. Colors can influence our moods, create harmony or discord, peace or agitation, excitement or melancholy. Do you have a favorite color?
When I was growing up my favorite color changed almost daily. I still don’t have one favorite color. I do however have favorite color combinations. Certain colors put together give me a little thrill. I bought a sweater more than thirty years ago that I still have because it has the delicious (to me anyway) color combo of an ultramarine base with bright kelly green circles. That might not be your cup of tea, but whenever I see those colors together I have to smile.
Who didn’t experience a thrill of excitement upon opening that deluxe box of Crayola crayons for the first time and seeing all of those beautiful shades with their perfect points? The possibilities seemed endless. I get that same thrill now when I get a new box of soft pastels – the price tag for delight has definitely increased as anyone knows who has invested in a set of pastels. Still, it’s nice to know that my childhood pleasures continue.  
Do colors affect your moods? I read that people who spend a lot of time in a yellow room tend to be agitated and more argumentative. But I find a soft devonshire cream yellow to be soothing. A room done in caution sign yellow would probably make me into a raving lunatic. Red supposedly makes you feel hungry. That could explain my weight gain since I painted our kitchen red. Oh well, I like it so it stays. Orange seems to be a color that people either love or hate. On a recent shopping expedition it was a sea of orange in various intensities with a sprinkling of contrasting and complimentary colors. Orange on its own doesn’t do much for me, but mixed with all of those complimentary and contrasting shades it was rich and eye popping. Blue is very often chosen as a favorite color. It evokes feelings of tranquility, and we really can’t have too much of that.  However it’s cousin purple is less popular. At one time my red kitchen was purple and my children liked to refer to me as ‘the artist formerly known as mom’. For now I prefer the hunger inducing red.

So, here we are back to where we started.  Tell me – What is your favorite color? 



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2 responses to “What’s Your Favorite Color?

  1. I found your blog when I was looking for photos of crayons for my blog and here I am! And the answer to favorite color question is I have too many favorites (and combos like you mentioned) to pick just one…..

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