My Makeover

I finally gave my tired, outdated web site a fresh new look and I’m NOT a web designer. It was desperately needed, and though I’m still not finished tweaking and adding information at least now I’m not ashamed of it. That’s a huge step forward. Only two months ago when someone would ask me for my web address I would send them instead to a site that makes and sells prints of my work. Now I can hand them both addresses confident that neither site will lose sales for me.

I use the nearly free Microsoft Office Live program which allows non web designer types such as myself to easily create  and update a functional, decent looking site.  It’s not difficult, but it is time consuming. I found that if you use Office Live or Godaddy’s Website Tonight to design your site you will have more consistent success in Internet Explorer than any of the other browsers.

Since my site is obviously an art site I need to upload a lot of images. So the first thing I did was check on the size and file type that my images needed to be to upload successfully. Then I went into Photoshop and made sure that my painting images were within those parameters.

Next I took a few minutes to look at some other artists websites to see what I liked and what I didn’t think worked as well. Then after some browsing that really felt like procrastination I was ready to choose my heading and site color pallet.  This was the fun part. When this was done all that was left was to glue my butt to the chair every morning for a few weeks and slog through the construction process.

With the basic construction finished and some  key words entered in the ‘properties’ I gave myself a break and went back to painting for a couple of weeks. Painting brought me back to stable mental health and a back and neck no longer cracking and aching. My goal now is to take one day or even just part of a day every week to update, maintain and add new content to my site.  Next week seems like a good time to start that don’t you think? Not this week. This week I have two new paintings started and screaming for attention.


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