Still Painting

Art Showing Yes, I’m still painting and showing my work as often as I can manage. What I haven’t been doing is contributing to my blog. I’m here to correct that now. Let’s talk about prints. I know you would prefer to purchase the originals but sometimes cost is prohibitive and sometimes the size isn’t really what you are looking for. So, in these cases a fine quality gilcee print on paper or canvas might be the answer.
Fine Art America is a wonderful company that you can buy almost any type of art work in print form through. Of course I’m hoping you buy mine! And now they have different promotional tools to help artists get their work seen. After all, if no one sees it no one can buy it. You can search for italy paintings“>for instance find one of my paintings on that page.  Also be sure to check out short term promotions.  Each promotion can last up to five days and in most cases the prints on canvas are deeply discounted. I hope to offer at least one of my prints half off every week.
If you just can’t bring yourself to purchase a print no matter how good it looks, Fine Art America always inclludes the artists contact information. So go ahead and give me a call! If I still have the original I’m sure we can work something out.


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