Learn to Draw

Have you ever watched an artist sketch and think “wow, I wish I could do that” ? Have you thought you would like to take an art class someday but worried that you would be embarrassed because your skill level was too low? Or maybe you have done some sketching in the past but just never seem to find the time to practice and improve your skills. Allow me to encourage you to start off the new year with an art class. If you are new to art classes, a good place to begin is drawing.
There are benefits you may not be aware of in learning to draw. Anytime you add a new skill to your repertoire, it boosts your confidence and you glow with your new sense of accomplishment. It teaches you to see with an artists eye. You will notice things that previously would have gone unnoticed. Drawing can help you to organize your thoughts and see situations in a new light. When you draw time seems to disappear. Hours can fly by like a blink leaving you feeling refreshed and lighter. I imagine it is like a good therapy session. So get therapy! I mean, learn to draw!
If you happen to be in the Orlando area you can sign up for my drawing class entitled “Seeing with the Artists Eye”

WHEN : Every Friday from 12:30 – 2:30 beginning February 25, 2011
WHERE: My studio – email me for directions – leah@lwiedemer.com
COST: Prepay 8 weeks – $125
Pay by the week – $20

Get those pencils sharpened, and I hope to see you soon! To sign up now go to http://lwiedemer.com/default.aspx.



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  1. Thank you. I appreciate your comment.

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