I’m B -a -a- ck!

Finally, at long last I have completed all of the illustrations, including the cover illustration for the wordless book “Born To Fly”. If you remember, it is part of an awareness campaign to warn children and their parents about the dangers of child trafficking. It is now in the capable hands of Cathleen Kwas, book designer extraordiniare. The final step will be the printing. Diana Scimone, the head of Born To Fly Int. and creator of the Born To Fly book, is looking into making it available for online viewing. So, I am back. Back with a little extra time to keep up with my blog, finish neglected projects and begin new ones.

I had another wonderful opportunity to participate in an outdoor painting event last weekend. The weather wasn’t ideal, but it was a lot of fun meeting people and starting a new painting. Here are a few “in progress” shots. I intend to title the painting ” Railroad Man”. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on my progress.HPIM0309HPIM0311

December 16. – Well, so much for keeping you posted. In the flurry of activity of preparing to go on a trip, I set a day aside to finish “Railroad Man”. Usually I do a lot of post painting tweaking, but this time I have decided to leave it alone. I’ve kept the background simple, barely suggesting telegraph poles, tracks and the station house. Except for the subject, there is no one around. For the moment the tracks are quiet, and the railroad man waits.


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