All Were Born to Fly

I’ll admit that I started out slow. I was frequently ‘stuck’ and unsure how to proceed. But now I am consumed with an illustration project for a non-profit organization called Born to Fly Int. Born to Fly seeks to end child trafficking through awareness. The seriousness of the cause makes me feel the weight of responsibility to draw better than my ability would normally allow. How many times a day do I stop and wonder if my illustrations tell the story adequately? Well, If I stopped every time that thought crossed my mind I would never accomplish anything. So I just plow on through, praying, hoping and drawing. This project differs from anything else I have ever been involved in, in that it is a wordless book. I have a copy of the text (by Diana Scimone) and my job is to interpret the text pictorially. I have found that it is important not to rush the story, because then it is like a film that jumps ahead. It leaves the viewer wondering what they just missed. Two weeks ago I felt that I had turned a corner, and thought to myself, “I think I might be getting the hang of this”! Not to say that it isn’t still challenging. Let’s just say that for right now it isn’t quite so excrutiating.There is an oil painting half finished on my easel begging for my attention. I’m afraid that it will have to wait a little longer. Blossom, my heroine is anxious for me to get back to work because she is about to learn that she, like all of us, are born to fly.



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5 responses to “All Were Born to Fly

  1. We appreciate all your labors on this project. May the Lord reward you accordingly!

  2. Val

    Leah, you are not only an amazing artist but a writer who touches our hearts. Can’t wait to see your own illustrations to your own works. (PS Can’t wait to see Blossom and her discovery process:>)

  3. Leah,

    You’ve not only given your talent to this project, but you’ve also given your heart. We could not do it without you.

    Every artist wants her work to make an impact. Many children around the world will be spared a life of slavery because of the art you’re creating. That is quite a legacy that will continue for generations to come.

    I’m so grateful you’re part of our team!

    Diana Scimone
    The Born 2 Fly Project

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