Fear of Flying?

Let’s face it. A long flight in coach is really just something we endure in order to be rewarded with a visit to a favorite destination. Some flights can seem longer than others. This was one of the longest for us so far.

My husband and I were seated in the middle of the center section on a flight from Orlando, Fl to Milan, Italy. The young man next to my excessively patient husband seemed a tad unsettled. Across the aisle were seated his young wife and a woman we presumed was his mother in law. The man quickly removed some prayer beads from his pack and began to finger them nervously. He didn’t speak to us, but it was obvious he was in some distress. Meanwhile, his companions spoke softly to each other, smiling and clearly enjoying themselves. On take off he closed his eyes tightly and seemed to pray with even more fervency. Soon the flight attendants made their rounds and our young seat mate ordered himself a drink. And then another. And another. With three or maybe four drinks in him he relaxed and promptly fell fast asleep – with his head on my husband’s shoulder. That man of mine sat perfectly still for almost eight hours to avoid waking the sleeping stranger on his shoulder. As the plane landed his wife thanked my husband for his patience and shook her sleeping beauty for several minutes before he was fully conscious.

It was a long and uncomfortable flight, and one I would not care to repeat under those same circumstances. It did however give us both a humorous memory and me just another reason why I love my husband so much. Who else in the whole world would go to those lengths for the comfort of someone they have never met and would likely never see again?


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  1. What a man I would have kicked some backsides after about 20 min.

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