Painting in Progress 3

Here we are in the third installment of our painting in progress. As you can see, I worked on the upper left side of the painting filling in the last of the porch furniture. I chose to paint the child’s chair that I mentioned in my last post, red for two reasons. I wanted to subtly highlight it by using the only red in my otherwise limited palette, and that is the color it was when I was a child. I continue to tweak the values, adjusting them as I compare one against the other. There is a large porch pillar on the left side. I’m a little concerned that it will be distracting. I painted it, but I may crop it out later if I decide the composition is better without it. I plan to complete the painting in my next sitting since it is simply a series of horizontals. Then I will do the final adjustments and finishing touches and call it a day. I welcome suggestions, comments and criticisms. painting in progress3 002
painting in progress3 004


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