Painting in Progress 2

This is my second installment. Now that I have the main subjects in I am working systematically from top right to left. I will still go back and make adjustments, but as I am left handed and this helps to keep my hand from smearing the work I have completed. I’m sticking with a limited palette, and have included the pastels I’m using in the photo. To tighten up some lines that are a little too mushy I use pastel pencils. It definitely helps to take photos as I work. For some reason I can more easily spot errors in a photo than in the original. You can see an example of this where the porch floor meets the wall in the upper right. There needs to be some adjusting. The wall needs to come down farther. I’ll fix it before I move on. Black is a difficult color to work with. Since it is so messy, I will wait till everything else is finished before I go back and make the blacks as solid as I would like them to be. Next I will do the top left, where I just noticed in my photo reference there is the same child’s chair that now resides in my living room. Awww… that makes me smile.sam-and-gyppy-0021


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  1. It is coming along so nicely, I can’t wait to see the finished work. Nice connection wiht the chair.

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