In Progress

How would you like to take a little painting journey with me? Come along while I document my work on a painting in soft pastel. The subject is my dad when he was a boy. I’m basing it on an old, black and white photograph. My support is grey, suede paper and I began with a white chalk outline. My plan is to work on it taking pictures of my progress at regular intervals. As you can see in this first photo, most of the boy is completed. I applied several thin layers of pastel, building up gradually until I was satisfied with the color and density. I’ll make further minor adjustments later after more of the porch structure is completed. I’ve included the photo I’m working from and the pastels I used in this first shot.

First installment of painting in progress

First installment of painting in progress

Check back next week to see how I’m doing, and let me know what you think so far.


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  1. Leah, You are very talented in your treatment of lighting. It gives a very realistic feel to the painting, but it still has an artistic interpretation to it which keeps it from looking like a photograph itself. Well done!

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