Florentine Scavenger Hunt

The other day while having lunch with some friends I asked if anyone had been watching the Dickens stories on PBS’s Masterpiece Theater. There was a pause, followed by blank stares. They eventually recovered enough to vote me “group nerd”. This doesn’t bother me for I have embraced my nerdyness! It is a badge I wear proudly, although at times it requires a certain amount of dogged determination. For example, I recently plumbed new depths of nerdom, during our last trip to Florence, Italy. I thought it would be fun to track down all of Dantes Plaques. I read that there are about thirty of these plaques scattered throughout Florence mounted on facades bearing a quotation from “The Divine Comedy”. It always takes me a day to acclimate to Florence and find my bearings. But by the second day I was ready. Armed with a notebook and camera for recording my finds, we entered the most ancient part of Florence to begin our search. We found the approximate location of Dante’s home, the home of Beatrice, the church where Dante was married and even a small trattoria bearing the name of Dante.

I didn't know that the Alighieri's were in the restaraunt biz!

I didn't know that the Alighieri's were in the restaraunt biz!

With our necks craned at 45 degree angles we scanned every facade for a plaque. Our search continued for two days and though we met with limited success, we found a dozen of the plaques, ate our weight in gelato and still had time to search out every location that bore a connection to Michelangelo. WooHoo!! Okay, I’ll save that for another day.

more plaques

Here is what they look like

One of Dante's Plaques

and this is another one


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